Crime Report

Crime Report



Type of visualization

Choropleth map with bar and bubble charts

Brief information on the type(s) of visualization chosen

  • To breakdown the criminal activities by type of crime and display them state-wise we have used Choropleth map with bar and bubble charts.
  • Crime Rate by State, 2013 (rate per 100,000 inhabitants)
  • Upon selecting the particular state, the circular graph shows the month-wise breakdown of crimes committed over the year.
  • The bar chart below divides the crimes further by displaying the nature of each crime.

Key insights

  • The above visuals clearly show that the highest number of crimes takes place in the state of Alabama, whereas the lowest crime rate is in the state of Arkansas.
  • The second half of the year sees more crime than the first half of the same year.
  • Shoplifting seems to be the most common crime among all the states.
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