Monthly Wind Report

Monthly wind Report

Data set information

Test data



Type of visualization

Radial bar chart

Why this representation?

  • The data used for this experiment is collected from wind sensors.
  • To display the directions of wind as well as its speed, we found the radial bar chart to be the perfect match.
  • The concentric circles of the radial bar graph display wind direction by degree and wind speed in knots.

Key insights

  • The radial bar graph shows the prevailing winds for a single weather station – Above is an example image.
  • In the red diagram, the bar length shows the average speed of winds when they come from the particular direction.
  • The red diagram shows the same data as the wind increases but emphasizes wind speed.
  • Bar length is proportional to the average speed and color is proportional to the frequency.
  • At the sample weather station, wind flow is rare, and when it does flow, they tend to be light.
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