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Tableau simplifies data visualization

Business intelligence needs no introduction. It has become a standard practice for companies all over. But, installing a BI software is not even one-fourth of the story. To gain a 360 degree view of your entire business, relevant data sources need to be mapped and bottlenecks need to be removed.

Enter, BI experts. Our Tableau engineers have worked on hundreds of dashboards and thousands of reports. We provide end-to-end Tableau consulting and development services for any Tableau environment.

  • Data visualization
  • Performance tuning
  • Data connectors
  • Onshore Consultants

Our Tableau visualization services help the management speed up decision making without spending time on formatting reports, while our Tableau dashboard development results in customized reports that reflect your identity.

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Data visualization

Already have a Tableau setup but unable to get the maximum value out of it? We can boost your existing installation for quick rendering of visualizations which reduce time and increase performance as well as new data sources.

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Performance tuning

Leverage social media, CRM, ERP, and other data in JSON, XML, or HTML formats with our data connectors. Relevant personnel can use this data to create reports and dashboards which can be shared with anyone in the organization.

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Data connectors

Looking for some heavy lifting? No sweat, our Tableau experts are literally, just a flight away! We can help you to connect the right tables within relevant datasets so that your insight gathering never stops.

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Onshore Consultants
Tableau Integration with R

Tableau Integration
with R

Boost statistical capabilities with the integration of R and Tableau
Use R functions, libraries, packages and saved models
Use R functions, libraries, packages and saved models

Connect to R through calculated fields and take advantage of predictive analysis with R machine learning

Attain deep statistical analysis with drag-and-drop
Attain deep statistical analysis with drag-and-drop

Allow all relevant personnel to view and share the dashboard containing R functionalities

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Tableau Proof of Concept Program

Get relevant insights from your own data and see the results with interactive reports and dashboards

Case Study

Interactive reports in Tableau for a major food manufacturer

Learn how we helped a food manufacturing company to switch to Tableau so that they can make interactive reports which can be shared and accessed from a range of devices.

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