Data aggregation made easy

Data Engineers And Analysts

Data aggregation made easy

Datasets received from different sources can be scattered and unformatted. Collection of data samples which are anonymized / masked to hide critical / private information (e.g., credit card information, personal details) is simplified for data engineers and analysts by SIA.

By leveraging open source technologies, SIA aids analysts to remove the unwanted data and sort and standardize the format in an automated manner. Having completed the data exploration step, a technical environment is set up for the data to reside in the specific format. This eases the job of data analysts to verify if the data is sufficient and valid to process further. It helps you align, schedule and perform data modeling operations and analysis, as well as define data-driven workflows.

Data scientists

Accelerating time-to-insights

Data scientists need to go beyond delivery of historically-driven reports and provide actionable answers. Above this, they need to make sure that the insights they provide are easily understandable by business personals. Instead of focusing on mundane task of preparing data, i.e., cleaning and formatting data, every time new inputs are generated, they need to focus on providing predictive modeling for intelligent solutions.

Feature engineering powered by SIA helps to increase the predictive power of the learning algorithm enabling data scientists to efficiently identify business values required to create intelligence. SIA allows users to import data from spreadsheets, CSV files, and other data sets which include data from sensors, social media, business applications, and ERP systems. Data scientists can provision and access data sets without having to wait for data engineers. SIA automates the time-consuming task of cleaning massive datasets collected from various sources, allowing them to focus on their core tasks of fetching actionable insights and deriving business values from the data.

Data aggregation made easy

Business experts and chief information officers (CIOs)

Make business savvy decisions

Businesses thrive to enhance scalability and improve operations by extracting meaningful insights from data. While data is been generated in large volumes, it is challenging to gain insights from the data. There are numerous sources that generate data and it becomes difficult to gather that data and derive business value from it. With SIA, you can efficiently fetch data from various sources, analyze it, and make data-driven decisions.

SIA enables businesses to leverage useful information derived from raw data to improve future strategies and business decisions. Moreover, it also allows organizations to uncover hidden patterns and correlations for better business decision-making with demand forecasting. SIA provides a complete and integrated solution that includes data ingestion, data modeling, data science, and analysis. It delivers competitive advantage to business experts and chief information officers (CIOs). It ensures data consistency and high-level workflows that ultimately lead to higher productivity of the organization, serving as a solution to various business complexities and helping them to predict complex customer behaviors.

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