Softweb Solutions is a data science consulting company that assists organizations to get real business value from their data. Softweb’s background in software development for major companies means that you get industry expertise and realistic recommendations from our data scientists.

Our data science consultants help you understand consumer insights, develop predictive analytics capabilities and analyze all the data being gathered by your organization, whether it is being generated in-house or on social media.

Why Softweb Solutions is the perfect data science partner for you -

  • We are open to any and all approaches when it comes to developing solutions for our clients.
  • We work with whatever tool, framework, machine learning library or algorithm is best for the job on hand.
  • We train your staff on how to use data analytics and visualization tools.
  • Our data experts give you project guidance when it comes to implementing full-scale projects.
  • On-site and remote mentoring of staff is also available for companies that need it.
Data Science Consulting

Softweb's data science consulting services include -

  • Identifying business use cases and developing data analytics strategies
  • Conducting organization maturity assessments
  • Feasibility assessment for data science and visualization tools for your set up
  • Exploratory data analysis services
  • Natural language processing services for text analysis of customer and employee data
  • Building descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics programs
  • Setting up a pilot program (Proof of Value) which can be scaled to a full-fledged project
  • Creating cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for businesses
  • Corporate training
Case Study

Automated data management and data warehousing for telecom service provider

A telecom provider based in the US faced difficulties in sorting and integrating existing data with the data gathered by new products.

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Softweb provides industry-specific analytics expertise

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    Retail & eCommerce
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    Banking and Finance
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    Travel & hospitality
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Don’t see your industry mentioned here? Talk to us and we will build a customized solution specific to your company that tackles the problems in your line of work.

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Softweb’s data services + You = Endless business opportunities

  • Rely on multiple relevant data sources to extract intelligence
  • Easy to understand reports that can be viewed on any device
  • Implement innovative strategies to overcome major business challenges
  • Reposition your business brand by personalizing solutions for customers
  • Improve existing products and create new revenue streams
  • Reduced development time for new products or to improve existing ones
  • Ability to scale up the process without compromising on quality
  • Predicting seasonal demand and environmental factors that affect sales or product quality
  • Process improvement and optimization for all your services and products
Data Science Consulting

Softweb’s five-week Proof of Value program

Implement our five-step data science POV in which you get reports and dashboards

PoV Kick Off Deliverables: Project definition and data identification
Week 1 Data Collection Deliverables: CSV or any other data file
Week 1-2 Load Data into Data Science Lab Deliverables: PoV results, business insights, and recommendations
Week 3-5 Sharing Results Deliverables: Reports, dashboards, and data science algorithms
Decision to Scale Up Deliverables: Proposal for a full-fledged project

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Softweb Data Science is the result of our continued dedication to help companies take advantage of the data science and data visualization technologies. Talk to us about your business needs and we will show you how to grow your business with data science.