Your data is unique, and so should be your solution!

There are a lot of ready-to-use data science solutions in the market, but we believe that our clients are best served by a customized solution since one size does not fit all. Our approach involves developing a solution that matches your business needs, the kind and amount of data that you gather and based on your existing IT infrastructure setup.

Our data science solutions are created by an interdisciplinary team made up of statisticians, machine learning experts and programmers who put the insights derived by the former two in the form of applications which can be used by decision makers.

Programming languages, APIs and frameworks that we use

Easily create interactive reports
R Programming

Your search for a dedicated team of R developers and consultants ends here. We have a wide variety of experience across various verticals, having helped numerous clients with our R development and consulting services.

Derive actionable insights
Scala development

Hire our Scala developers who are highly skilled and experienced in developing customized web-based applications, commercial software, and business apps.

Improved Collaboration

Our Python programmers are well-versed with the latest tools and technologies such as Flask, Jupyter Notebook, Cython and NetworkX to name a few. You can achieve fast prototyping and a robust experimentation cycle with our experienced and dedicated Python developers.

24/7 Support
Spark MLlib

Spark MLlib is Apache Spark’s machine learning library and plays a critical role in mining big data for getting actionable insights with lightning speed. Our Apache Spark developers know how to get the best value out of MLlib.

Case Study

Automated data management and data warehousing for telecom service provider

A telecom provider based in the US faced difficulties in sorting and integrating existing data with the data gathered by new products.

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