Benefits of our PoV program

  • This pilot program will help you realize where and how data science can be used in your organization.
  • The data generated by your business can be converted into actionable insights for better decision-making.
  • Access Softweb Solutions’ skills, expertise and facilities to jump start your data science program.
  • Our data scientists will prove to you that your data is more valuable than what you believe it to be.
  • We will make use of under-utilized data to present rich insights using the most sophisticated data visualization tools.
  • We can build analytical models for accurate forecasts with predictive analytics.

Our five-step PoV program

    • Step 01
      PoV Kick Off

      PoV Kick Off

      Recognize the PoV problem statement and identify disparate sources of data.

      Deliverables: Project definition and data identification

      • Step 02
        Data Collection

        Data Collection

        Collect accurate and relevant data samples that are linked with the identified problem. Gathered data will be masked to ensure safety of confidential information.

        Deliverables: CSV or any other data file

        • Step 03
          Load data into Data Science Lab

          Load data into Data Science Lab

          Once the data is gathered, our data scientists and analysts will rigorously study it to find business values that are needed to create intelligence.

          Deliverables: PoV results, business insights, and recommendations

          • Step 04
            Sharing results

            Sharing results

            PoV results will be shared to get feedback from your end. This will allow our data science team to customize reports, charts, models, and algorithms as per your requirements.

            Deliverables: Reports, dashboards, and data science algorithms /p>

            • Step 05
              Decision to scale up

              Decision to scale up

              After reviewing the outcome and confirming the benefits of the entire approach, you can decide to take this further and scale up to a full-fledged project.

              Deliverables: Proposal for a full-fledged project

Project Timeline:

Project Timeline


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