Healthcare Analytics Services

Improve patient care and cut costs with innovative data solutions designed for healthcare providers

Healthcare Analytics Services

Why you need data science in your healthcare organization

Healthcare analytics plays a huge role in helping hospitals and healthcare organizations to implement insightful actions from the massive amounts of data and information they receive. A data science program in your healthcare organization can give you the following capabilities –

  • Clinical performance
  • Medical staff optimization
  • Hospital resource allocation
  • Readmission reduction
  • Patient engagement
  • Risk and care management
  • Clinical outcomes management
  • Physician practice assessment and alignment
  • Financial forecasting, budgeting and risk management

How Softweb helped a healthcare organization become more efficient

One of our clients, who is a leading healthcare group faced challenges in providing effective hospital management and administration. This was eventually decreasing the overall hospital performance and productivity.

Our data scientists collected the data and information from each and every department of the organization and performed data analysis using mathematical algorithms and models. This involved predictive analytics to gauge how many patients would enter the hospital based on historical data. The medical staff was also provided with mobile apps through which they can view the easy to understand data visualizations we created.

The result of the experiment helped our client to improve its clinical performance, identify inefficiencies and fix the processes such as medical staff optimization, hospital resource allocation, physician practice assessment and alignment and marketing. The experiment greatly contributed to reducing overall costs, readmission reduction etc.

Case Study

Remote Patient Monitoring App for Senior Citizens

Better Alerts was looking for a solution for the Medical Alarm Industry that won’t be the same as commonly observed with lack of advanced technology. They sought for a solution that would enable healthcare professionals and family members to remotely monitor patients.



  • The client is now able to get meaningful insights and enhance its service offerings.
  • The cost of hospital management and administration decreased by 17% compared to the cost incurred previously.
  • The client received new insights and opportunities which can enhance the productivity of the administrative departments.

How the healthcare industry can benefit with data science

  • Improved on the whole clinical performance and reduction in operational costs.
  • High patient care quality with less risk.
  • Ability to devise the best acquisition marketing strategy with available data insights.
  • Decrease in the number of readmissions and wastage of hospital resources.
  • Ability to plan effective strategies to improve the healthcare systems and compliance policies.
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