Sentiment Analysis

Find out what your customers, employees, and partners are saying about you by analyzing social media channels, customer service data and emails with our sentiment analysis services.

Sentiment Analysis

What is sentiment analytics?

Social media sentiment analysis enables organizations to get insights regarding their market reputation by using data science. Instead of relying on cold calling, sending out feedback forms or conducting surveys by employing a huge field staff, companies can analyze what consumers think about their brand by using text mining tools.

This means that if your brand is getting a lot of criticism online, our tools will help you identify that in real time so that you can take appropriate actions and solve the issue before it becomes a major crisis.

At Softweb Solutions, we have the expertise to build customized social media sentiment analysis tools which can be used to measure your reach and influence on all the major social media channels.

Our sentiment analysis experiment

Our data scientists carried out Twitter analysis of the fans of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones when the sixth season was being aired in summer 2016.

An R script was used to analyze the most important character hashtags for the first two episodes. For the remaining eight episodes, a Python script was used which is the better choice when it comes to text analysis due to its built-in natural language processing models. The analysis involved creating word clouds, number of likes and shares for the most popular tweets, identifying emotional states and polarity of the tweets, creating bar charts for fan reaction to all the major plot lines in every episode and several other charts for each episode.

You can find a detailed description of all ten episodes here.


Twitter sentiment analysis for different industries

Sentiment analysis is a type of natural language processing for tracking the emotions and opinions of the public about a particular service or product to come up with better decisions.


Why organizations need to implement sentiment analysis

  • A sentiment analysis program in your organization can help you avoid a PR disaster.
  • Helps companies in monitoring their brand reputation.
  • Companies can keep track of how their new products are being perceived by consumers and monitor how key influencers are reacting to them.
  • Campaign monitoring across various online channels is also possible as is collecting intelligence on your competitors (by monitoring what consumers are saying about them).
  • Sentiment text analysis can be deployed within the organization to find out the opinions and experiences of your employees, partners and suppliers.
  • The text buried in emails, surveys, reports and customer service data can all be analyzed to identify trends within the company.
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