Sports Analytics Services

Gain a competitive edge over your rivals with performance monitoring and boost your sales with detailed analytics

Sports Analytics Services

Why sports analytics services are essential to the sports industry

Measurement of player effectiveness has long been important in the sports industry. With the enablement of numerous technologies, teams are investing heavily to take advantage of the competition. Various activity statistics recorded during a game need to be analyzed thoroughly to derive insights about player and team performance. This is where sports team analysis comes in.

The amount of data generated by sporting institutions from players to stadiums to fans has been growing exponentially. Sports fans are a passionate lot, backing their team at the stadium or social media. The influencing factors are widespread and require numerous tools and techniques to boost fan participation and revenue. Sports marketing analytics can help stadium owners do all this and much more.

How we helped a sports team improve its performance

One of our clients, a sports team in the Midwest, was generating abundant data during its games but was unable to derive effective insights to enhance their decision-making and boost their performance. The organization was also experiencing increased operating costs, weak brand presence, poor sports team performance, all of which eventually was deteriorating the team’s profit returns.

Our team of data scientists at Softweb helped the client in analyzing the performance of its players based on data. The ticket sales and other revenue models were also analyzed to gain insights on what factors affect them negatively. Our team gathered data from not only the sports professionals, but also from fans, coaches, and managers as well as potential investors to perform detailed sports analysis. Our experts also helped our client to drive fan loyalty, increase revenue, and provide greater value for all the stakeholders in the organization’s eco-system.


  • Comprehensive player personnel evaluation
  • Timely athletic performance prediction
  • Detailed statistical analysis of in-game activity
  • Personalized multichannel marketing experiences
  • Dynamic ticket pricing optimization
  • Injury risk assessment
  • Athletic performance forecasting
  • Data interpretation training sessions for managers

How sports analytics services helps the sports industry

  • Facilitate individual game strategy: competitive intelligence as well as tactical options
  • Gain insights on player performance to provide particular conditioning and strengthening
  • Identify modeling patterns of injuries with the eventual goal to predict and prevent them
  • Conduct performance analysis and motivate players by pushing them to take ownership of their performance improvement.
  • Plan dynamic product pricing and ticketing
  • Help with fan segmentation and improve fan engagement
  • Increase in marketing optimization and customer value campaigns
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