Web Analytics

Track website and mobile app visitors and gain insights to maximize your online reach

Web Analytics

What is the need for web analytics?

At the backend of all the websites and apps lies an enormous amount of data that has the potential to transform your business. But what sense does all the gathered data make if you don’t know what to do with it?

Once all the unstructured data is organized and analyzed, it can be converted to meaningful insights, which were not available before. Using historical data of site or app visitors, data scientists can help you make sense of the large amount of web and mobile app data that you have gathered over the years. You can club this with sentiment analysis to derive even deeper insights from your site visitors.

How we helped a video game company to optimize their web presence

One of the world’s largest video game companies got in touch with Softweb in order to optimize their online presence by raising awareness and attracting gamers to their site. The client’s website included sections for upcoming games, forums, game patches, gaming tournaments, updates, news, and FAQs. The website also included video tutorials on “How to play” a specific game that is either trending or is recently launched.

The client required detailed data about the number of visitors on the website, which pages are generating the maximum site views, which games are attracting gamers, top trending games, and most searched keywords among all the included sections.

We performed a thorough website audit on the client’s website to gain actionable insights such as: which pages are resulting in a loss of traffic or which pages are converting to leads. The conversion rate was increased using various web analytics tools, heat maps, survey tools, and A/B multivariate testing. Our team also implemented a list of strategies for their SEO and lead generation.


Transform your Marketing from Manual to Modern

The world of marketing has changed and you need new tools and technologies in order to stand out of the competition. You need to plan the best strategies to deliver personalized content that will help you improve the sales.



  • Increased lead conversion after reducing extra pages and other detrimental points to reduce bounce rate.
  • The overall conversion rate considering user experience, cohort analysis, and content optimization increased by 12.7% than before.
  • Extended internet reach after implementing technical SEO audit, keyword research, on-page optimization, and penalty assessment and recovery.

How online businesses can raise brand awareness and reach potential customers

  • Businesses can target the relevant customer segment by optimizing their website according to gained insights.
  • Planning and implementation of various strategies for optimization of site after measuring the effectiveness of current marketing campaign.
  • Higher availability of disparate data from multiple sources at a single, common location.
  • Advanced strategies for lead scoring, customer engagement analysis, churn analysis, form analysis, and uninstallation analysis.
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