Predictive Maintenance

Predict machine failures before they occur and take customer satisfaction to the next level

How Softweb helped a manufacturer implement predictive maintenance based field service

The company makes business processing machines that are used by retailers, vending companies, and government agencies. It focuses a lot on after sales service which includes scheduled maintenance checks. The field service technicians usually have a great deal of pressure, as they are responsible for the optimal performance and longevity of machines. Softweb came up with a solution that now helps the company to minimize emergency breakdown calls.

Our data science team collected all the customer service data of the past 36 months from the company’s call center. This data about their customers was generated through the internal ticketing system. With an intention to find patterns and derive insights, our data scientists then wrangled through the data which also included segregation of historical data using complex queries. This gave them correlations and trends based on which they could derive actionable insights.

Why predictive maintenance is essential to the manufacturing industry


Softweb’s PdM solutions helped the client to take its after-sales service to the next level. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Failure prediction – The company can now predict the machine failures even before they occur. This will reduce the number of emergency breakdown calls.
  • Service time prediction – The company now knows the time taken by a technician to complete one call and can allocate work to him based on his workload.
  • Smart allocation – From the data, it can be derived which technician is ideal for fixing a particular type of machine issue. This helps in allocating the most competent technician for a particular service call.
  • Inventory acquisition – The parts that need to be replaced more often can be kept in stock so that the company’s customers do not have to wait for days for the right part to arrive.
Webinar on Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

Webinar on Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

  • What is Predictive Maintenance
  • Understanding of concept
  • Benefits of Predictive Maintenance in manufacturing
  • Internet of Things platforms
  • How IoT data is analyzed

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How any company using or selling machines can benefit from predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance benefits businesses in many ways, some of which include:

  • Instead of replacing the entire piece of equipment due to unexpected breakdown, maintenance work is performed prior to failure.
  • Organizations can greatly reduce equipment downtime and product losses.
  • Continuous monitoring of assets will allow organizations to reduce the overall number of repairs, thus leading to increased revenue.
  • Organizations can understand key drivers of workplace accidents that were previously not visible and increase their overall safety rate.
  • By identifying the exact problem in a machine, a field service technician will know which parts, tools, and support are needed to perform repair and avoid failure.
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