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Softweb Solutions offers consulting services for Google Data Studio 360 to help you create informative and interactive reports using your existing data. Along with being beautiful and visually attractive, these reports are extremely easy to read and share. They are fully customizable and allow you to edit and share them multiple times, without any limitations. They can simplify the task for your company’s decision makers.

Make your data useful and accessible to all


Instantly connect to all your data sources and always get access to up-to-date files. Begin using your data to get actionable insights instead of sharing static documents and reports such as CSV documents and spreadsheets over emails and other time-consuming methods.

Create powerful data stories complete with interactive reports and dashboards using visualizations and formatting capabilities. Its user-friendly interface, pre-built data sources and data transformation tools make your reports more efficient in relatively less time.

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Capabilities of Data Studio 360

Gain insights from your existing data to create new opportunities

Easily create interactive reports
Easily create interactive reports

The drag-and-drop functionality of the tool combined with the expertise of our team, makes it easy to create shareable graphs and charts. It has a visual editing interface along with a library of visualizations, reusable templates as well as interactive controls based on various dimensions such as time periods, segments, geographies and more.

Improved Collaboration
Improved Collaboration

Your entire team can collaborate to create the best reports and dashboards in this tool and use the insights to make informed decisions in every department. Besides viewing the reports, all the company employees can edit reports and add their comments. Our expert professionals will train your employees to help them make beautiful reports and dashboards.

Derive actionable insights
Derive actionable insights

Softweb Solutions can help you get easy and instant access to your data saved in the Google Analytics 360 suite. You can easily integrate content from Google Sheets, Google BigQuery, CSV files and more into your dashboards and reports.

24/7 Support
24/7 Support

Softweb Solutions not only helps you implement the tool, but also offers support as and when you need it. Google offers access to new features to their clients and we can help you make sense of them and use them to further enhance your reports and dashboards.

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