Improve data quality and visibility with Informatica

Our Informatica consultants take care of your end-to-end data requirements from ETL, enterprise-wide data integration, migration, to security. Data experts at Softweb present you with solutions that are dynamic and agile, protecting quality, and mitigating risk in development, deployment and support.

Enhanced data management

  • Develop data strategy
  • Data infrastructure
  • Data governance
  • Master data
  • Hybrid data management

Develop data strategy

Our data experts analyze your organization’s current state and develop the plan for its growth, so that you can derive more value from your systems and data. Our data wizards have extensive experience in implementing Informatica data integration solutions.

Develop data strategy

Transforming data infrastructure

Most organizations require revamping their data infrastructure to connect their applications as well as warehousing. Using Informatica data integration, our architects provide organizations with data warehouse solutions that help them with data migration, giving them a benefit to collate newer data with their legacy data, quickly and efficiently.

Transforming data infrastructure

Data governance

With ever-changing regulations and newly emerged ones like GDPR, we ensure the quality, integrity, and security of data. Our data team makes sure that the data used for further analysis is enterprise-quality, correct, trusted, and consistent throughout the organization.

Data governance

Master data management

Informatica’s master data management helps users to find and remove inconsistencies and duplicates in critical data, resolving it across formats and systems. Our data management team enables companies to identify the relationships among the data to deliver analytical and operational insights.

Master data management

Hybrid data management

Informatica cloud services solve the hybrid data challenges like increasing number of data silos and overwhelming ETL workload. A flexible hybrid data management solution provided by Softweb’s data team gives companies an advantage of utilizing (optional) existing on-premises solutions along with data management capabilities in the cloud.

Hybrid data management

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Our Expertise

  • Enterprise data warehouse

    Our data experts help organizations to consolidate data from multiple sources, giving the right people access to the right information to enable them to take necessary action.

  • Data lake management

    Our data lake management solution powered by Informatica helps organizations to search, prepare, govern, and protect raw data for their data lake.

  • Data integration

    Organizations can collaboratively connect and integrate different data systems like existing on-premises systems, cloud, big data, IoT systems, and enterprise applications.

  • Data migration

    Organizations can efficiently assimilate their data from multiple data connectors with their legacy data using our data migration solutions powered by Informatica.

  • Data lifecycle management

    We take care of tracking your data accurately throughout its lifecycle from data creation to sharing to deletion along with securing sensitive data.

  • ETL

    Integrate, rearrange and, consolidate heterogeneous data from various sources into a data warehouse with our comprehensive Informatica ETL solution offerings.

Business benefits of leveraging Softweb’s Informatica data management services

  • Quick access to critical data from a number of sources
  • Ensure trustworthy data flow across the enterprise
  • Avoid data inconsistencies
  • Improved data quality and visibility
  • Stay in line with other departments
  • Reduce the time to fetch information
  • Handle large data volumes and increase business demand/drivers
  • Improved decisions, accuracy, and business agility

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