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Businesses thrive to reduce the learning curve and accelerate the adoption of visualization in their organization. With our machine learning platform as a service, it becomes easy to leverage an entire ecosystem that a machine learning platform provides. Our best-in-breed machine learning platform ensures data consistency and high-level workflows that ultimately lead to higher productivity of the organization.

Features of our machine learning platform

  • Collect sources
  • Data cleansing
  • Data validating
  • Feature engineering
  • Classification
  • Regression
  • Predictive analytics

Collect data from various sources

Our ML platform allows you to import data into the system from different data sources. Types of data you can upload in our ML platform can be in the form of spreadsheets, CSV files, and many others.

Data cleansing

Data cleansing helps you focus more on the areas where data needs more attention. Cleaning involves removing data that might distort the analysis. Our ML platform allows you to easily remove the unwanted data, and sort and standardize the format.

Data validating

Our ML platform will enable users to check the data quality and consistency issues. Data validation allows users to see whether the sorted data has been properly addressed by applied transformations.

Feature engineering

Feature engineering helps to increase the predictive power of the learning algorithm. Our ML platform enables users to identify business values required to create intelligence.


On the basis of the pre-trained data set and the categories in which its observations are classified, users can identify to which category the new set of data belongs. Our ML platform provides with classification that deals with defining sets of observations and adding new observations in respective stacks depending on the parameters.


Our ML platform consists of state-of-the-art algorithms to help users identify relationship among several variables. These algorithms are used to perform regression analysis on your data.

Predictive analytics

With predictive analytics, users will be able to view insights and based on that, they will be able to forecast desired parameters. Our ML platform will enable users to select previous models to run algorithms on current datasets to get similar results.

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Machine Learning architecture


Manage data

Data management allows teams to share, discover, and use a highly curated set of features that address data-related problems. From sources like Spark, SAP, spreadsheets, and other tools, data is collected and managed under a single system.

Train and evaluate models

With large-scale distributed training of decision trees, linear and logistic models, time series models, and deep neural networks, the ML platform enables users to scale from small datasets to billions of samples for quick iterations.

Deploy models

The ML model once trained is ready to be deployed. Deployment refers to building an analytical model that processes new incoming data in real-time. Based on the set of historic data, the ML platform then understands and analyzes new datasets that are introduced in real-time.

Gauge predictions

Once models are deployed, they are used to make predictions based on feature data loaded from a dataset. With ML platform, users can correlate data to predict certain aspects of their business like sales, machine failure, and other operations.

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