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Scala is an open source and a general-purpose programming language designed to express programming patterns in a compact, elegant, and type-safe way. It is particularly created for the web to overcome shortcomings of Java. This engineering language enables Scala programmers to write programs using the right blend of Java and PHP benefits.

Take preemptive actions to minimize risk by anticipating emerging trends, and make clear decisions with much greater confidence to achieve desired outcomes.

Scala has the potential to make the development task much easier, reduces the chances of error, and delivers the end-product quickly with less code. Moreover, it is the best fit for data science framework because of its excellent concurrency support, which helps in comparing loads of large data set processing.

Hire our Scala developers who are highly skilled and experienced in developing customized web-based applications, commercial software, and business apps. Business leaders including Intel, SONY, Twitter, Novell, LinkedIn and many more are already using Scala to run their business smoothly, and you can be the next.

Scala web development services we offer

  • Scala Consulting
  • Web applications
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Scala re-engineering
  • Scala mobile development
  • A lot of companies are skeptical about adopting Scala frameworks due to the shortage of well-trained and experienced Scala developers in the market. However, with emerging technology and interest there is a rise in the demand for highly skilled Scala programmers. Talk to our Scala experts to know how can Scala leverage your business.

  • There is practically no advanced software product available that wouldn’t have some type of web front-end to provide access to its functionality. Our team understands each and every aspect of the web, from front-end technologies to the smallest feature of web server software behavior.

  • Determining the platform from the very start is an important part of the strategic decision as revealing an API and letting third-party developers access to it is an essential thing to succeed in the market.

  • Businesses are demanding for Software as a Service as it hugely reduces costs, improves productivity and eliminates the requirement of big IT investments. As a SaaS provider, it’s necessary to choose a partner who has great experience in smoothly carrying out the entire development cycle.

  • We can support in migrating the existing application from Java to Scala. We also can assist in proposing, whether or not to move in a different stack on Scala. Our team will find out the best approach and implement the process successfully.

  • We can work with you to organize your mobile and tablet strategy. Depending on client’s business need, we would recommend either a PhoneGap based solution or running Scala on Android.

Features and benefits of Scala programming Language

  • Built on Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • Versatile programming language
  • The compiler figures out the types
  • Compatible with traditional Java programming language
  • Simple to solve concurrency issues
  • Enable rapid implementation and performance
  • Migrates to advanced and improved platforms
  • It supports XML to encode documents in the products
  • Scala interoperates with Java and .NET
  • Go functional with higher-order functions
  • Highly scalable and performing backends
  • Combines interface and behavior flexibly

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