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Business intelligence needs no introduction. It has become a standard practice for companies all over. But, installing BI software is not even one-fourth of the story. To gain a 360 degree view of your entire business, relevant data sources need to be mapped and bottlenecks need to be removed.

Our Tableau consultants have worked on hundreds of dashboards and thousands of reports. We provide end-to-end Tableau consulting and development services for any Tableau environment. We thrive to inculcate data-driven culture throughout organizations.

Leverage Tableau to interact with your data

  • ETL data preparation
  • Big data and analytics
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Tableau Server maintenance and optimization
  • Tableau training

ETL data preparation

Before diving into the analytics part, it is essential to prepare the data. Preparing data means handling missing values, generating more meaningful features from the existing ones, and much more. For data preparation, ETL tools come in handy. Our ETL solutions help organizations to create a data warehousing environment to further apply Tableau capabilities over the datasets.

Big data and analytics

The era of big data is upon us and it's time to sharpen up the toolbox in this new genre of systems and technologies. With our extensive hands-on experience in Tableau, we aid organizations to visualize transformational potential of big data to derive actionable insights. We enable businesses to work with their big data, analyze and visualize critical business insights hidden in the data. We not only help companies to communicate with their data but also help them enhance their data-driven decision-making.

Interactive dashboards

Tableau enables organizations with a panoramic view of their entire business through interactive data visualization techniques, so quick and easy access to all your data has never been simpler – all you need is the right setup. We do the heavy Tableau lifting at the backend so that you can have interactive, dynamic reports and dashboards which can be used according to your requirements and for in-depth analysis as well as insight gathering. Our Tableau development services enable non-technical users to combine data sources, add filters, extract specific information and get real-time visualizations in minutes without the need to learn any programming.

Tableau Server maintenance and optimization

Having a Tableau Server setup is just half the story. To keep it running efficiently is the real deal. Our Tableau Server optimization consists of modelling cache of queries, sizing of the server, managing scheduled tasks, monitoring activities, rebuilding the search index, scaling the application server processes, and more. We also perform database maintenance, monitor disk usage on the server, and clean up unnecessary files for Tableau Server maintenance so that you can finally go home as the world is now saved!

Tableau training

From Tableau fundamentals to advanced techniques, you can learn to extract capable business insights and gain an efficient way to fetch analytics. Our Tableau training is for anyone who works with data, regardless of technical or analytical background. We train users on how to utilize their dashboards, extract insights through visualizations and present them in meetings.

Visualize any data, from anywhere and in any way through Tableau connectors

Tableau Proof of Concept Program

Get relevant insights from your own data and see the results with interactive reports and dashboards

Why Softweb Solutions is the right choice for all things Tableau

Tableau is among the top data visualization and business intelligence tools in the market. But a tool is only as good as the benefits it delivers, and this is where we step in. Our Tableau developers possess the expertise and vast experience in developing numerous dashboards for various industries. Tableau development services from Softweb Solutions follow best-practices defined by the industry and guarantee total safety and security of your data. We deliver positive business results that enable our customers to succeed in what they do and extend round-the-clock support for better performance.


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